Life Within the Boundaries

Many times, the Christian life is reduced to a system of do’s and don’ts.  Many people choose not to place their faith and trust in Christ because they are afraid that they will have to give up their favorite activity, or rearrange their entire life.  This comes from an improper perspective on boundaries.  Yes, there are things that the Bible says are outright sins.  Things from which the Christian should stay away.  Usually the big ones come to mind.  Murder, theft, adultery, but Galatians 5:19-21 tell us that the fruit of the flesh include such things as lying, idolatry, envying, and strife.  These are boundaries for the Christian life.
Imagine a football game with no sidelines and no end zones.  No rules to tell the players when they have reached a first down.  It is just up to the team with the ball to determine when they think they should achieve a touchdown.  It would be madness.  All would be screaming, “Unfair!” It is interesting that the rules of a game are accepted without question and followed with fear of punishment, but the same cannot be said about the boundaries of the Christian’s life.  The truth is, boundaries make the game work.  They even the playing field.  They make all teams and players abide by the same constraints.  The same is true with the Christian life.  The boundaries that are given by God’s Word help Christians to function in the Will of God.  It is when the boundaries are followed that there is freedom to operate.  Learn to live within the boundaries.  Enjoy all of the space and freedom of the entire playing field.  God has made the Christian free.  Not free to sin as they please, but free to worship and serve God according to the boundaries established in His Word.